• Pros and Cons of Buying Social Media Followers: Build Your List The Smart Way


    Buying Social Media FollowersIf you’re new to the social media world, whether you started a new business venture or decided it’s time to (finally) get online, you’re probably obsessing over your numbers. Am I getting enough readers? Do they like me? Why aren’t more people following me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest? It can be anxiety provoking and more importantly, it is a distraction.

    “He who has the most toys wins”

    We live in a bigger is better world. The more numbers you have the more perceived success you have.

    Do you go out and buy some followers? Apparently many people do—even the big stars and politicos have been accused of artificially pumping up their numbers. We all beg our friends and family to follow us. But how many of us are willing to spend money to buy ‘followers’?


    The Pros of Buying Followers for Your Social Media Sites

    Should you buy followers? Some people say yes, a larger number is essential for beginners who want to build a presence in the business world. It is true that low numbers will worry some of your potential customers. People who are shopping around look for visible signs of “success” and numbers are considered a measure of success.

    Should you be worrying about numbers or growing your business organically with good content and satisfied clients?

    The question to be asking is what can your business do to build a legitimate following? You want followers who will add value to the conversation and be truly interested in your brand.  But you also need to provide good content and products that provide value for your customers.


    The Cons of Spending Your Money to Buy Followers

    Social media clout is often measured by the number of followers a brand or individual has. There are sites where you can buy 1000 Twitter followers, for under $20. It is possible to go from 50 to 1050 followers in a few days. But what are you really buying?  Are you getting real people with an actual online presence?

    How will legitimate customers or brand followers feel when they take a look at your Who’s Following list? It’s likely that your newest fans have odd profiles, no photos and write trashy or spam-like content. They not only don’t add value but they make your profile, and your business look bad. You may not want crude language, off-topic comments and bad spelling popping up on your feed. It can have an impact on your social branding efforts and make people question your legitimacy.

    So what do you do?

    Let’s go back to the earlier question, “What can my business do to build a legitimate following who will add value to the conversation and be truly interested in my brand? “

    Wile Twitter and Facebook are the most commonly known sites where fans/followers are ‘bought’; Pinterest, Tumblr and even LinkedIn have similar issues about numbers of followers or connections as a perceived measure of your business’s success. Your goal in setting up any social media account for your business is two-fold. You want to show off and build your brand as you simultaneously bring in new customers and build a relationship with them.

    There’s no way to jumpstart the process. Initially you have to spend a lot of time finding people to follow and hoping they will follow back.

    These two very basic tips can get you started:

    1.      Start by tweeting relevant, helpful comments. Write well, use keywords (#hashtags) and tie everything to topics designed to attract your target audience. For example; if you’re opening a children’s toy store or website, talk about new toys. Share articles on play, educational toys, non-toxic toys, learning games, etc… Think about your ideal customer and write to him or her.

    2.      Find people who want to buy toys. Do a search for words like, parent, teacher, grandparenting, home schooling, infant, toddler, education, play, children’s games, birthday gifts etc. Find people talking about those topics and follow them, tweet to them, and respond to their tweets.  In other words find your audience and get engaged.

    For more information on using Twitter and building a following check out:


    Do you have questions about building your brand? Do you need assistance with planning a social media strategy that includes defining your target market and speaks to their needs? Here at Smart Social Media we work with clients to assess their current social media marketing plan and identify areas for improvement. We can help you plan a smart strategy or we can handle the social media work for you, advancing your brand on a daily basis. For more information about how we can help you expand your fan base, contact us here

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